Villa Toronto is a continuation of the previously organised Villa Warszawa (2006), Villa Reykjavik (2010) and Villa Tokyo (2011) all conceived and developed by Raster.


In the summer of 2006 in Warsaw, ten galleries (the Foksal Gallery Foundation, the gb agency, Hotel, Daniel Hug, IBID Projects, Jan Mot, Galeria Plan b, Raster and the Joclyn Wolff and Zero galleries) met in an abandoned villa in the city centre, a house owned by the eccentric amateur artist Antoni Moniuszko. Hidden behind wild shrubbery, the building was transformed into an extraordinary exhibition space. The few days of the project were filled with performances, spectacles and contemporary dance presentations, while the evenings were busy with mingling crowds of art professionals and art lovers. (see Villa Warsaw)


In the summer of 2010 in Reykjavik, 14 European galleries established an international art district called Villa Reykjavik. We witnessed a significant geographical shift with the focus on this one particular place on the map. Solo exhibitions or projects involving a few selected artists were organised. A range of private European galleries – from Vilnius and Warsaw to London and Reykjavík itself – made themselves at home next to each other, creating a place of meeting and confrontation. The first week of the international art district was very special – full of openings, concerts, performances, meetings and many other events. Each day had a meticulously planned agenda. The Icelandic part of the entire undertaking was in the hands of I8 and Kling & Bang from Reykjavík. One of the clubs in the city – Bakkus / Venue – became the club of Villa Reykjavík. This was the focal point where everybody had the chance to really interact, giving all the guests and participants in the project – gallery owners, curators, artists and the public – a chance to meet. (see Villa Reykjavik)


In November 2011 Villa Tokyo took ten European contemporary art galleries to meet with its Japanese partners: the Taka Ishii Gallery, the Tomio Koyama Gallery and New Tokyo Contemporaries - an energetic association of seven contemporary art galleries. In the heart of the Tokyo metropolis, in the developing Kyobashi area – a place with great potential to boost the artistic atmosphere – the galleries shared a building for a week-long program of exhibitions and many additional events: concerts, performances, screenings and formal and informal talks by Japanese and European artists and musicians. (see Villa Tokyo)