Friday, January 16 – Friday, January 23
11am to 7pm

Villa Toronto Opening, Friday January 16, 2015, 6pm to 9pm

Villa Toronto, presented by Warsaw’s Raster Gallery in association with Toronto’s Art Metropole, brings over nineteen local and international art galleries and their artists to Union Station’s Great Hall from January 16th to 23rd, 2015.

Participating artists and galleries include:
Art Metropole (Toronto) – Shane Krepakevich and Elif Saydam
Jessica Bradley (Toronto) — Derek Sullivan, John Sasaki
COOPER COLE (Toronto) — JD Walsh
Diaz Contemporary (Toronto) — Zeke Moores
Daniel Faria (Toronto) — Iris Häussler
Hollybush Gardens (London) — Reto Pulfer
i8 (Reykjavik) — Ragnar Kjartansson
ibid Projects (London/LA) — Michael Portnoy
Johann König (Berlin) — Jeremy Shaw
LABOR (Mexico City) — Erick Beltran
Misako & Rosen (Tokyo) — Yuki Okumura
MKG 127 (Toronto) — Dean Drever
Plan B (Berlin/Cluj) — Navid Nuur, Rudolf Bone
ProjecteSD (Barcelona) — Jochen Lempert, Patricia Dauder
RaebervonStenglin (Zurich) — Dane Mitchell
Raster (Warsaw) — Michał Budny, Aneta Grzeszykowska
Clint Roenisch (Toronto) — Tony Romano
Jocelyn Wolff (Paris) — Guillaume Leblon, Elodie Seguin
ZERO... (Milan) — Hans Schabus, Gavin Kenyon


For further details, please see the ‘Gallery’ section of this website

Presented by Raster and Art Metropole in association with Villa Toronto


Union Station, Great Hall
65 Front St West, Toronto, ON, M5J 1E6
Sunday, January 18
until Friday, January 23
12pm to 4pm
on the hour
meeting at Art Metropole

For the duration of Villa Toronto, Jochen Lempert, as Bill Clarke's guest, will be provided access to the book collection of his host. In his analogue black and white photographs and photograms, trained biologist Jochen Lempert researches nature and the environments of both the country and the city with a poetic attention to detail. Special attention is afforded the microcosms of plants and animals. In this third iteration of the artist’s interactions with book collections, Lempert will arrange his own works within and alongside books found in Bill Clarke's collection including, among others, Maurizio Nannucci’s 60 Natural Greens, Laura Owen’s Fruits & Nuts, and books by Sol LeWitt. In this way, the artist intuitively selects and creates a presentation of the collectors’ library, whereby the artistic strategy of inventory taking mirrors the subjectivity of art collecting.


Initiated by Jochen Lempert, presented by Art Metropole, Bill Clarke and ProjecteSD in association with Villa Toronto


Art Metropole
1490 Dundas St W, at the intersection of Dufferin St,
M6K 1T5 Toronto
Sunday, January 18
1pm to 5pm

Mutations a-bound, signs lie in abstractions but there you are. Diffractions flicker, everything defers stasis. And yet you, fragmented and hybrid there, you. Blindspot check-peep: bathe in the dance between protection and threat. Skip utopia; here, take the real slivers. Sing and sling the abyss. En dedans!

Wet (Swapping Spit):
Is 1 hr 1hr? A script by Tiziana La Melia.


Rigidly frayed:
8-11 Gallery presents Deferring Diffractions, an installation-cum-mutating-dance-studio by Laurie Kang as a part of Villa Toronto. On view are metaphoric images, objects and synthetic materials replete with knots, intersexed flatworms and reflections. The exhibition will also serve as a site for several choreographic responses during its run to effect various diffractions of the work.

Presented by 8-11 in association with Villa Toronto


233 Spadina Avenue,
Toronto, M5T 2E2